Foley's Mixed Martial Arts Training Center opened in the fall of 2007.  Since then, our gym has hosted dozens of amateur boxing shows, including the Utah state boxing championships. We have trained over 100 people for their first fight, many of whom have gone on to become state champions or to fight professionally.  Our gym has hosted UFC veteran fighters, fighters from out of state and country, and countless beginners looking to evolve their skills on the matt, in the ring, or in the cage.  We offer classes for fitness and conditioning for those who do not wish to compete, but want to get fit, stay healthy, and push themselves physically.


Dave Foley, owner and head coach of Foley’s MMA in Ogden, UT is an Ogden native with 25 years of martial arts experience.  Known professionally as "Disco Dave" he has achieved success as a competitor across North America.


With the opening of Foley's MMA, Dave has reached his life-long goal of owning and operating his own studio.  He has become one of Utah's most well-known and respected individuals within the martial arts community and possesses the talent, ambition and positivity needed to be a great coach.  Dave can often be found in a fighter's corner, in the ring as a referee, on the sides as a judge, or as a competitor.  With over 80 fights to his name, Dave's experience and expertise are a valuable asset to his students.


Dave Foley's Career Highlights:

* 5-time Golden Gloves State Champion

* 2-time Rocky Mountain Golden Gloves Champion

* 2-time competitor at the National Golden Gloves Tournament

* 2-time International Kickboxing Federation Regional Champion

* Number two ranking in the IKF in 2001 and 2002.