Handwraps and Mouthguards are needed for  boxing/kickboxing/mma training.  You may purchase these items at our gym.  This will cost you about $15.  All other equipment is provided if you do not have your own.


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Class Descriptions

Junior Kids Class (ages 4-7)

Teaches the basic skills of boxing and kickboxing.  Helps children with coordination, focus and fitness.  No Sparring.


Kids Class (ages 8 through Junior High)

Teaches combination of boxing, kickboxing, and grappling.  This is an excellent class to teach your child discipline and improve their health and fitness!  Sparring is not required and must be approved by parent and coach beforehand.


Boxing/Kickboxing, Women's Class

Adult class (high school and up) provides training on all boxing fundamentals such as sparring, focus mitts, bag work , floor work, foot work, leg kicks, etc.   Great cardiovascular workout.  Train at your own level.  Sparring not required.  Great for those who wish to compete in amateur events or professional fights.



Adult class (high school and up) teaches ground skills taught in various forms of jiu jitsu.  Students will learn offense and defense from beginner to advanced.

MMA Training

Adult class (high school and up) is a great class for students interested in this style of competition.  Will focus on MMA sparring, clinch drills, take-downs and defense, ground and pound, etc.  Combined with the Grappling and Boxing/Kickboxing classes, this class will definitely help you "evolve your skills!"


In this class, you will be doing plyometrics, strength training, circuit training.  Great class to improve your explosive power and overall strength.